A Coding Poem

Kindergarten students coding Colby the mouse to go through a maze.

This month schools within USD 475 participated in a week-long coding event, “Code-a-Thon” and to celebrate the occasion Westwood Elementary Library Media Specialist Cheryl Hudson submitted this poem to connectED. Congratulations Westwood on exceeding your goal of coding hours!

‘Twas the first day of our annual Code-a-Thon,

And Westwood was buzzing for this week-long marathon!

With a goal of 256,

We had to start real quick!

How many hours must we code in a day?

Almost 52 hours, you say!!

We can do it, we can do it,

Because we Wildcats have a lot of grit!

The kids took breaks from their studies,

And began to code with their buddies.

A peek through the classroom doors,

Would give you a scene of kids at desks and on the floor.

Using Hour of Code, Coding Robots and Co-Spaces,

The older kids had a look of determination on their faces.

Coding Colby to go through a maze,

Is an experience to be remembered always.

Now the Code-A-Thon has come to an end,

And our score of 310 hours has been penned!

Poem submitted by Cheryl Hudson, Westwood Elementary Library Media Specialist

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