Westwood RAP Performance

RAP Performers in Front of Student Body

Realize Anything’s Possible (R.A.P.) featuring Ike Hill and Cutright visited Westwood Elementary on January 29, 2018. This exciting concert featured an interactive assembly program for grades K-12, by way of a full production rap concert that connected with students through positive music while delivering an encouraging message. Messages on literacy, respecting one another’s differences, persevering through obstacles, having an optimistic attitude, reaching goals through self-discipline, and discovering potential can all be found during these performances.
Cutright and Ike Hill delivered an entertaining and energetic presentation using humor, crowd engagement, and hip-hop to help students realize that anything is possible when you have the right perspective. Rap music is popular and influential music that youth listen to today and when it’s paired with a positive message, it can make a lasting impression that could impact them for the rest of their lives. Aside from making great, clean, positive music, Cutright and Ike Hill also run a non-profit organization, Shake the City, which focuses on caring for the less fortunate, mentoring youth through creative arts, and encouraging incarcerated juveniles throughout North and South Carolina

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