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Gemini Redesign

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Westwood Gemini Vision

Vision: We commit to inspire, encourage and prepare all students to think critically and to use their talent and creativity to thrive in the global community.

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Gemini Smart Goals

Westwood students will engage in project based learning units to include hands-on, cross-curricular learning opportunities on a monthly basis.

Westwood students will be provided opportunities for self-selected electives that enhance creativity and support their interests and talents.

Westwood students will be involved in daily social and emotional guided activities.

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Apache is visit.

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Vertical Loop

3rd – 5th Grade

Miss Keplinger: Language Arts

Miss Matz: Math

Miss Buser: Science & Technology

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Project Based Learning

2 teachers and principal trained by the Buck Institute in PBL

Scheduled a 3-day optional training in June for our teachers to be trained

Goal is to encourage teachers to start implementing PBL units next year

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Social Emotional Character Develop

New Curriculum

Morning Meetings

Weekly Lessons with our school counselor

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Provided by certified staff

Community Partnerships

Electives will be provided quarterly

Examples: Fishing, photography, cooking, 3D-printing, cultural studies, news broadcasting, archaeology, gardening etc.

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STEM/Life Coach

90 additional minutes of STEM throughout the week

Personal and professional guidance and support

Build leadership capacity in our students

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Grant Items

Pre-school for our Westwood community

21st Century Program