Westwood Has Published Authors!

Westwood students have their poetry published in a book

Fifteen Westwood Wildcats had their poetry published in the 2018 Young American Poetry Digest.  Our proud Wildcats are Eli Garson, Dahlia Harb, Jordyn Taylor, Jaydan Emery, Caleb Caldwell, Allie Travers, Skylar Morehouse, Brystol Mastin, Zaley Rock, Briley Ayers, Savian Roberts, Daniela Ocasio Pena, Christian Whitton, and former Wildcats Quinn Wright and Alijah Geary.

The poems were written and submitted at the end of the 2017-2018 school year.  The book is published the following fall, and a copy is sent to the school library.  These Wildcats are eager to have their poems read by their Westwood community.

Congratulations, Wildcats!