March 2018 Newsletter

Winter Reminder Students will go outside for recess if the temperature or wind chill factor is above 20 degrees. Please keep your winter safety guidelines near in case we have a bad winter storm. It lists the radio stations to Read more

RAP Performers in Front of Student Body

Westwood RAP Performance

Realize Anything’s Possible (R.A.P.) featuring Ike Hill and Cutright visited Westwood Elementary on January 29, 2018. This exciting concert featured an interactive assembly program for grades K-12, by way of a full production rap concert that connected with students through positive Read more

Student Painting on Paper at Table

Art Night At Westwood

The PTO at Westwood Elementary put together an Art Night for students and their families on Thursday, January 18, 2018. Students had a great time painting, gluing, and being creative. Some of the Westwood staff attended as well, including the Read more