Fifth Grade

Students Standing in a Line with Backpacks

Welcome to fifth grade at Westwood Elementary! Here we strive for excellence in both learning and character. We hope to prepare your student to be ready to respond to any circumstance life brings. The teachers of fifth grade hope to build students who are successful learners and members of our community. We expect that all students are respectful of others and of themselves, are responsible, and are safe. In addition to our behavioral expectations, we want to cultivate life-long learners. Students are expected to read for 20 minutes each night, complete a read-and-response, and turn in this and other homework every Friday. If your student is successful in completing these behavioral and academic expectations, he or she will be rewarded with Earned Time at the end of the day each Friday. Highlights of the fifth grade include D.A.R.E, STAR BASE, and many STEAM projects. There will be many opportunities for involvement and enriched experiences in fifth grade at Westwood. We look forward to an amazing year with your Wildcat!

Grant Stucky, Fifth Grade Teacher
Johanna Yeldell, Fifth Grade Teacher

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