Gemini Project

Students with Arms Up Singing

The Kansas Department of Education selected seven school districts for the Kansas Can Redesign project. Westwood Elementary applied, but was not selected. However, we were offered to take part in the Gemini Project that offers many of the same opportunities on a smaller scale.

Westwood has developed a Gemini task force that has established a mission statement and goals for our upcoming redesign. Our mission is to inspire, encourage and prepare all students to think critically and to use their talent and creativity to thrive in the global community.  We have established three goals that are driving our collaborative efforts.

  1. Students will engage in project based learning units to include hands-on, cross-curricular learning opportunities on a monthly basis.
  2. Students will be provided opportunities for self-selected electives 2-3 times a week that enhance creativity and support their interests and talents.
  3. Students will be involved in daily social and emotional guided activities.

The districts participating in the Gemini Project partake in video Professional Learning Community sessions approximately every two weeks. The sessions provide opportunities to collaborate with other Gemini and Mercury schools in the state of Kansas.  Westwood teachers and staff have also been provided staff development opportunities to support our three goal areas.

We are extremely excited and passionate about the possibilities the project has for our students. Please be looking for more opportunities to gain additional knowledge about the upcoming redesign.