Third Grade

This year in third grade students are expected to develop more personal responsibility. In math we explore multiplication, division, an introduction to fractions, collecting and displaying data, and area and perimeter. Part of your child’s responsibility this year will be to memorize their multiplication facts 0 – 12. Aside from working with multiplication flashcards they will also have 20 minutes of reading homework Monday through Thursday nights. If you feel that your child needs more practice, reach out to us and we will give your child extra homework. The adjustment from second to third grade is that students are reading to learn instead of learning to read. The biggest way you can help at home is making sure your child is reading a dot book and asking questions about what they’ve read. In Science we will cover motion and matter, water and climate, and structures of life. We are excited to see your kids grow!

Kayla Staley, Third Grade Teacher – [email protected]
Jacob McCallister, Third Grade Teacher – [email protected]

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