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Left to Right: Kaileigh Merz, Kaley Nevill


Welcome to fourth grade! We’re so excited to have you! This year is full of new friends, new experiences, and new adventures in learning! In fourth grade our students officially start learning how to be the “big kids” of the school. In math we are learning rounding, two digit multiplication/division, fractions, and so much more! We learn about our geography, about the soil and the earth we live on, and we continue our journey to becoming authentic readers and writers! In fourth grade, we teach students to be professionals at school. They have a job to do and there is a right way to act when you are in your professional setting. We want students to be life-long learners, but we also want to teach them to persevere, to struggle, and to overcome that struggle in a way that is appropriate and constructive. These students are truly amazing, and we love being here to help them shine!

Fourth Grade Teachers

Kaileigh Merz

Kaileigh Merz

Kaley Nevill